Our associate company, DHF Contracting is an industry leader in swimming pool landscaping with over 19 years experience. We specialize in natural stone and interlocking products. We own and operate an up-to-date fleet of equipment and our staff is fully trained and insured. Sunisland Pools and DHF Contracting is the only organization in Durham that can offer complete quality swimming pool and landscape construction combined in one package. One project management team ensures that every aspect of your project is properly coordinated, and quality is our primary objective.

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Step 1: Decide how you are going to use your pool. Do you want to relax, perform healthy exercises, or entertain friends and family? Defining the uses now will help you choose the best location for your pool and decide on the style that meets your needs. 

Step 2: Consider Financial Aspects of Pool Ownership. If the pool is attractive and not highly specialized, it will be considered an asset. .Remember to factor maintenance into the cost of the pool that you choose. Routine pool maintenance will include keeping the water chemically balanced and sanitary, maintaining the support equipment, and cleaning the pool surfaces. You can contract a pool service professional to perform these chores, or you can do some or all of them yourself. 

Step 3: Determine your yard size and conditions in addition to your yard's dimensions, consider your yard's slope, soil type and accessibility for construction equipment. Pools are easier to build or install when a yard is level. Consulting a pool professional is a good idea as they will be able to tell you which shape would best suit your needs and whether or not it would actually be possible to construct a pool in your desired location.

Step 4: Design your pool once you have determined the yard size and conditions.. When you choose to design an inground pool you can add customized features. Be sure to remember to design the entire poolscape including decks, water features and the patio area.

Step 5: Consult a pool professional. Consulting a pool professional is a good idea to help you determine which size and shape would be an ideal fit for your particular yard as well as determining possible maintenance costs.