Another option is a fibreglass swimming pool. Fibreglass pools are the fastest to install making them a popular choice when summer is right around the corner. If you are interested in more information on fibreglass pools, click here.

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Vinyl Swimming Pools

Inground Pools Vs. Semi Inground Pools

Inground Pools

With an inground pool, the pool is completely submerged within the ground adding to the cost of
installation due to the amount of concrete and excavation needed. Whereas with a semi-inground pool
it is only half submerged and is significantly less expensive because it requires less concrete and

When considering which one is right for you, it often comes down to time and budget.

Simply put, a saltwater pool is a chlorine pool, but the difference is that a saltwater pool is manufactured in a system by a chlorine generator. Saltwater pools do have chlorine in them but at a much lower level than a chlorinated pool. Initially, a salt water pool can be more expensive because of the generator you need to purchase but in the long run can be easier to maintain. A chlorinated pool may be cheaper initially, but then you will have the challenge of keeping PH levels consitent. No matter what you decide to use, we can help you find the right system for your needs.

Vinyl pools are built with support walls made out of steel, two stage concrete bottom. Then a vinyl liner is added overtop. They are popular because of installation time and cost. They come in a variety of patterns, colours, and styles. The downsides are that they have a liner which could need replacing every ten years or so. Most vinyl pools can be installed within two weeks.

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Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine Pools

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

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At Sun Island Pools, we know that when it comes to purchasing a swimming pool, there are many things
to consider. Do you want an inground pool or a semi-inground pool? Do you want a fun shape or a more
basic one? What is the best pool for you, will be determined based on your timeline, comfort, and

Below, you will find some information on each of the pools we offer and also some additional
information on saltwater versus chlorine pools.