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Our most popular inground swimming pool is a vinyl pool. If you are interested in more information on vinyl inground swimming pools, check out "how to choose a pool", and contact us to discuss vinyl pool options.

If there are any questions you might have, the team at Sun Island Pools would be happy to assist you.

Fibreglass pools

One of the most popular swimming pools we install at Sun Island pools is fibreglass inground swimming pools. They install quickly, are incredibly strong and are a fantastic option when you are looking for a backyard pool. If you are looking for a fibreglass pool in the Durham region, we are your go-to fibreglass pool installers. Below you will find more information on fibreglass pools and some of the benefits.

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It is important to make sure your fibreglass pool comes from a reputable manufacturer as cheaper varieties can sometimes crack. The manufacturer we use makes their pools using Dupont Kevlar, carbon fibre, and basalt fibre. These fibres are extremely strong, 111% stronger than a regular pool and are used in bullet proof vests, body armour, military vehicles, the aerospace industry and high-performance vehicles. They also have a lifetime structural and lifetime structural osmosis warranty.

Why you should choose a fibreglass swimming pool

The downsides to fibreglass pools are that since they come premade, the styles and design choices can be limited when it comes to fibreglass pool shapes. Here are some samples of the design options available with fibreglass inground pools.

Fibre glass inground swimming pools are very flexible, and over time with erosion and weather changes you don’t need to be concerned when you have purchased a fibreglass pool.

The benefits of a fibreglass swimming pool:

  • Usually installed within a week
  • Smooth finish and non-porous surface that resists chemical imbalance
  • No liner replacement necessary as with vinyl pools
  • Less chance of algae or bacteria growth
  • Rarely any maintenance is needed after the pool is installed